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Question Posted On: 01/06/2009

Question: May I know the part time courses that I can take

Answer: Ref AW Thank you for your email. We would recommend you to visit our NTUC LearningHub at www.ntuclearninghub.com or call their hotline @ 6471 2223 to enquire for suitable course you want. Regards

Question Posted On: 12/05/2009

Question: I am presently a member of BATU and would like to know which trade union I should be transferred to since I have joined an electronics company.

Answer: Forwarded to CSC... Ref Aw Hi, Thank you for your email. Electronics companies will normally fall under United Workers of Electronic and Electrical Industries (UWEEI). In order to update your change of company, we will refer you to our Membership department to process. Regards.

Question Posted On: 06/05/2009

Question: Hi Auntie IRIS,
I was recently terminated (17/4/2009 )by construction co.A after working for more than 12 years with them with one month's notice. On my final payment,they have workout a pro-rated the AWS of 3.5 months..My query is this; 1/ should the AWS be prorated as 4.5 mths instead ?.When I quried they they said that the AWS is calculated from Feb. I felt shortchanged as why isn't the month January taken into account. 2/ Is there a standardised MOM formula for the AWS calculation and is it binding to all employer? I have found new employment with another construction Co.
Appreciate your reply. Thank you.

Answer: Ref Aw Hi, Thank you for your email. Pro-rated AWS is calculated based on the period of service in the company. In normal practice, one is considered to have worked a full month if one has worked from the 1st of the month to the end of that month. For your case, the...Read More>

Question Posted On: 13/04/2009

Question: Does NTUC provide any Higher Diploma in Horticulture field? Or any course related to workplace safety and health matters?

Fyi, I have a dip in interiorl and landscape design; 8 years of related experience.


Answer: Ref AW Hi, Thank you for your email. We will refer you to our Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) where it is a skills-based institute that equip workers with all the relevant courses. Alternatively, you can log-on to the e2i website at http://www.e2i.com.sg for more details. Below is the address and contact number...Read More>

Question Posted On: 06/04/2009

Question: my daughter is thinking of joining the ntuc WDA course (business diploma)is she too young for it?she scores 27 in her "O" level english failed.any other courses under ntuc that i can enjoy rebates or subsidise?she is also a union member,whereas last time my other girl joined MDIS has got a subsidised and rebates as well.but now what i know after many attempts on fair they told me only can be subsidised no rebates?actually my girl wanted to go poly but due to the scores ,disappointedly is not applicable.most of her friends got into the poly or retake but if i let her join in the WDA will i bring her embarrassment?please advise.thanks

Answer: Ref Aw Thank you for your email. You may want to discuss with your daughter about the course and her interests. She may check the following websites for courses and the criterias to get the necessary subsidies. For SRP - http://www.srp.org.sg E2i - http://www.e2i.com.sg WDA - http://app2.wda.gov.sg NTUC Learning hub - http://sdd.ntuc.org.sg You may contact the respective training...Read More>

Question Posted On: 29/03/2009

Question: hi there.....I'm a new member with ntuc...previously i was working with a construction industry....recently i just got a good offer from the oil and refinery site....as i am with them( oil refinery ) can you tell me what are the courses or programs that NTUC have for me to achieve a higher standard in this industry...my designation in this company is as a Safety personnel with the safety department

Answer: Ref: MM Hi Tamil Kumaran Thank you for your email. We would recommend you to visit our Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) where it is a skills-based institute that equip workers with the mindset, skills and job opportunities to stay employable. The programmes reaches out to a broad spectrum of workers with...Read More>

Question Posted On: 11/03/2009

Question: Hi, I have change my membershipcard to uplus, on Jan 2009. but why still have deduction S$9.00(Jan & Feb) from my account??? Is deduction from UMS.

Answer: Ref OMH Hi Ms Low, Thank you for your email and support for NTUC Uplus. Uplus is an enhanced NTUC membership card that comes with credit and debit payment functions. There are no annual fees charged on the Uplus Debit / Credit Card and/or supplementary Card (where applicable). However, the prevailing monthly...Read More>

Question Posted On: 08/07/2008 16:51:17

Question: Hi,
I joined my company on 24 Mar 2008, and was terminated on 02 July 2008 due to me being hospitalised from 23 June 2008 till 01 July 2008. As per contract, they have to pay me a weeks notice in lieu for terminating my job. I am not a comfirm staff.

My question is, I have worked for more than 3 mths at this company, so am i entitle to get the pro rated annual leave, as i have taken unpaid leave in between and also the unpaid hospitalisation leave?

Is the pro rated annual leave entitle to employees only if they do not take unpaid leave? Or
Is the pro rated annual leave entitle to employees who have taken unpaid leave as well?

Answer: Ref: OMH Hi Lin Thank you for your email. An employee who has served an employer for a period of not less than 3 months but who has not completed 12 months of continuous service in any year shall be entitled to annual leave in proportion to the number of completed months of...Read More>

Question Posted On: 20/11/2008 15:20:39

Question: Can an employer ask the employee to sign a 2 year bond if he/she wants to apply for PR and request the employer to complete Annex A of Application for Permanent Residence form - the page which requires company's information to apply .

Answer: Re: TC Thank you for your email. Application for a permanent Residence and signing a 2 year bond with a company are two separate issues altogether. You may wish to note that Annex A of the PR Application Form is for the company to endorse your employment in the company. We suggest...Read More>

Question Posted On: 28/11/2008 10:20:19

Question: Hi Aunt Iris,

our company employed PRC worker and when they start work, the company will retain $100/- per month (up to Max of $2000) for their saving, when the PRC worker resign or end their contract (2 year contract), does the company has the right to hold their salary and saving before tax clearance ? is their a limited of period the company can retain their salary and saving ?

thanks n regards


Answer: Ref: MM Hi Elvin Thank you for your email. Under the Employment Act, salary earned by the employe shall be paid not later than 7days after the salary period. You may wish to note also that the employee’s salary must be paid on the last day or within 3 working days...Read More>

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