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Question Posted On: 21/07/2007 20:09:08

Question: Dear Madam,

I'm working as an Operations Manager in a call centre starting from 1st Nov 2006 till present. There's a high possibility that my company will exercise a retrenchment. However, the management till now has not spoken to any of the senior managers or the affected employees wrt this issue. My company is already in the process of planning to shift out of the current location but the management has been carrying out the planning without my and my superior (General Manager) knowledge. They have chosen to keep us in the dark.

In my letter of employment, there's no terms and conditiions related to retrenchment such as the retrenchment notice period or benefits. The sister company of my company has retrenched the staff by giving only 2 hrs notice in Feb this year. No compensation was given to the staff. The management/directors has chosen to ignore/avoid the emails of the affected staff who have demanded for compensation. I've no idea what's the outcome.

My termination notice period is 1 month upon confirmation. Then again, my company has been avoiding my confirmation issue since Feb. Am I deemed to be confirmed under such situation since my superior has already appraised my performance to be good?

May I know what's the reasonable retrenchment notice that my company has to give me if i'm retrenched?

Also, is it rightful for the company to forfeit my outstanding annual leave if there's no precedent of encashment of balance leave?

I look forward to your prompt reply as I'm at a loss.

Thank you.


Answer: ref: EL Hi Lionel thank you for your email. If it is stated in your contract of service or letter of employment that you must serve a probation period before being confirmed into the company's service and you have already completed the stated period and have not heard from your company on this...Read More>

Question Posted On: 22/07/2007 15:45:32

Question: My close friend faced with this problem:-

He worked as the Project Manger in S'pore at a monthly salary of$3,600 with $700 transport allowance + $70 Handphone allowance since 2003. Subsequently, he was sent to Vietnam to overseee a Joint Venture in Aug 05. For the first three months, he was given $5000 as alowance/salary. In Oct 05, a Rep Office was set up. He was then paid a salary reduction of $3,200 a month. However, as the Company has dealer in the North and Hanoi, the Singapore Office decided to close the Rep Office in Ho Chi Minh. However, the Chief Rep in Ho Chi Minh was given the option to open another Company and will be appointed the dealer representing Singapore Office. However, of late, there was a change of decision and the Singapore Office decided not to give the dealership to Ho Chi Minh. Instead, the Chef Rep (Ho Chi Minh) was asked to closed the operations in Ho Chi Minh and be back to Singapore to find another job in another company.

Now, we need to seek your advices whether:-

a. Can the Chief Rep (victim) ask for salary compensation as he is now 49 years' old and it would take him a long time before getting another job. (There is no official documents binding on the offer of employment by both parties). Under such circumstance, what would be the market norm for compensation? Can the victim uses the Vietnam's law where he compensated the vietnam staff one month for one year of service?

b. Alternatively, can he sue the company for the lost of income (due to his age of 49 years'old) till 55 years?

c. Can the victim claim the CPF contributions where no CPF contribution are given to him whilst he was away at Vietnam?

d. The Singapore Office staff were given AWS and bonus, can he also claim these benefits?

Really hope that you can give us your professional advices as we are in the cross roads and very unsure as how should we proceed from here.

Kindly appreciate it if you could us your comments via alexlow@@yahoo.com and dorislowsoon@yahoo.com.sg.

We look forward to your early reply.


Answer: ref: EL Hi Doris thank you for your email. Section 45 of the Employment Act states that your close friend can ask for retrenchment benefits if he has worked for more than 3 years in the company but his employer is not legally obliged to compensate him. Your friend should make claims for his...Read More>

Question Posted On: 10/07/2007 10:53:43

Question: Hi, I am currently 34weeks pregnant and recently my gnae has checked me and advise me to see a Psycologist(mental doctor) as he told me that I may have pre-natal blue.

I would like to check if the Mental doctor has check me and found that my problems lies in my work load/ work stress, can I claim my mental medical fee from my company?

Please advise me soonest.

Thanks & regards,
Sally Chia

Answer: ref: EL Hi Sally thank you for your email. I am afraid that employers, in general, do not include medical costs arising out of maternity, as part of the medical benefits provided to their employees. You might want to check with your employer on the medical benefits that you are provided with so as...Read More>

Question Posted On: 18/07/2007 15:43:17

Question: Hi Ms Aunt IRIS,

I am serving two months notice now, in my contract stated if breach of contract, i have to give two months notice and one month gross salary as penently to my company.
The reason of breaching contract is due to my medicial problem.

pls call me 9078484, is a long story, can i talk to on phone.

Answer: ref: EL Hi Beng Hwee thank you for your email. Section 11(2) of the Employment Act states that either party to a contract of service may terminate the contract of service without notice in the event of any wilful breach by the other party of a condition of the contract of service. Regards.

Question Posted On: 19/07/2007 05:32:35

Question: Hi ,

I would like to check with you in regards, my current company , I used to have a proper working desk , but then they transfer me to do other tasks , from level 2 I was moved to level 1 . I was given no proper working desk . and the I dupe the toilet key near my working place, the reception lady found out and cliam that it is wrong to do such things . She took my key back and cliamed that she wont report me to HR .She is the only one who had access the toilet and she disallow other people to use it . I was having diarrahae and therefore i dont have time to rush all the way the left end toilet . They cliamed that toilet is for guest or top management use.

I felt tat my employee is taking staff for granted. What can I do? I felt very demoralised . I was given no proper working desk, my superior kept telling me that in army they pratices such things. And there is no company outside who would pay me well . Although I felt that my salary is average .

Any advice for me?

Answer: ref: EL Hi Geraldine thank you for your email. It is assumed under common law that your employer must provide you with the 'tools' for you to carry out the duties that you are employed for. My advice would be for you to speak to your employer on your current working environment and seek...Read More>

Question Posted On: 19/07/2007 12:14:30

Question: I am working at UnitedPremas sited at Science Park.
Q1 Too Much work allocated to me and I requested to Client to give priority to me to indicate which is more important but usually clients do not decide and usually they will remind me that its their VP/SVP who wants the jobs. There are more than 6 Depts in the Building and I keep on doing this type of work. I still need to perform my normal duties as a Facility HelpDesk and to the client.

Q2 I have talk serveral times to my director to increase manpower. inwhich their reply is client do not buddget this type.

Q3 I do not wish to resign on this type situation. What can be done.

Answer: ref: EL Hi Richard thank you for your email. My advice would be for you to continue to explain your current situation to your employer and seek his/her understanding. You can explain that the work overload may affect the quality of your services to the cilent. If you require any career advice and job-matching...Read More>

Question Posted On: 19/07/2007 14:43:14

Question: I am unemployed and i am unable to find a jod now.Where can I seek help to get either a jod or to get trained and work at the same time. kindly guide me .

Answer: ref: EL Hi Geejha thank you for your email. If you require some career advice and assistance, you can contact: CareerLink@ntuc & wda 1 Marina Boulevard #B1-03 One Marina Boulevard S(018989) Tel: 6883 5885 (Hotline) Tel: 6213 8580 (General Enquiries) Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 6.00pm Saturday: 9.00am to...Read More>

Question Posted On: 19/07/2007 15:03:09

Question: i have requested for a letter of employment from my employer, but my employer is not able to provide me with one. the reason being my employer is an insurance agent, he is not holding any company license, hence he is not able to give me a letter of employment with a company letterhead. in this case how can request for childcare subsidy without an employment letter. is it ok to carry on to work for my employer if there is no employment letter? please advise

Answer: ref: EL Hi Hwee Chin thank you for your email. My advice would be for you to insist on a contract of service or letter of employment from your employer. This will ensure that there are no ambiguities on the terms and conditions of your employment between your employer and yourself. This will also...Read More>

Question Posted On: 16/07/2007 15:48:47

Question: If my company is going to close down for renovation for a period of 1 month can they force us to go on unpaid leave?? and if in this period of time is it legal they terminate us?? if is legal do they need to compensate us a month salary in lieu??


Answer: ref: EL Hi Derek thank you for your email. You could discuss with your company on other possibilities e.g. paying you 50% of your salary. You should not be forced to take unpaid leave so that the company can carry out its renovations. Regards.

Question Posted On: 15/07/2007 16:39:08

Question: Dear sir,

If the company is willing to pay the agreeable salary, but will only pay after the probation. Do you think the company has the rights to do that under the MOL Laws?


Answer: ref: EL Hi Yan thank you for your email. I am not sure if I fully understand your question. You must be paid a salary even if you are still on probation. As to whether your employer will increase your salary once you finish serving your probation and are confirmed into your employer's...Read More>

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