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Question Posted On: 07/08/2011

Question: I resign from this company 2 months ago without serving notice. 2 months later, they mail me a letter threatening to take legal action if I don't pay them the monies. At that point of time, I work for a month plus, they delay my pay for more than a week then they pay up but they still owe me a small sum of fixed commission which they did not pay me. So can I not pay the monies nor serve them bk the notice?

Answer: Ref: PC Dear member Thank you for your email. If your contract indicates that you need to give a certain period of notice in the event if you wish to tender your resignation, then you will be contractually required to do so. Failing which, the company reserves the right to claim from you...Read More>

Question Posted On: 07/02/2011

Question: Dear Iris,

I like to ask if one is able to request for amendment of the resignation letter after submitting it to the HR?

The scenario is as follows:
I joined the company on 17th Feb 2010 and has submitted my resignation letter indicating my last day of service as 14th Feb 2011.

I overlooked that my last day of service is not up to a year from date of employment and it doesn't make sense that I want to resign just few days before the 1yr period and having my entitlements forfeited.

Is there any means that I can request for it to be changed if the HR doesn't allow it?

Appreciate your advise.

Answer: Ref: PC Dear member Thank you for your email. You may wish to refer to your contract on your staff entitlements. Some companies may not allow their staff to be eligible for the entitlements once they have tendered resignation, even though they may be serving their notice during that period. Retracting or amendment...Read More>

Question Posted On: 29/12/2010

Question: Dear Aunt Iris,

I have just submitted my resignation letter on 22/12/10 and my last day will be on 21/1/11. However my mother in law was being diagnosed to have cancer on 28/12 so i have requested to be released earlier in order to take care of my son (previously taken care by my mother in law) but was rejected by the company. I would like to check if during the notice period i take more than 10 days MC is that ok? Can the company ask for compensation from me? I know is not good for me to do so but i need to take care of my son since my mother in law is sick and the company refused to let me leave earlier unless i compensate them. I can't pay for it now due to short of money. Appreciate your kind advise.


Answer: Ref: PC Dear member Thank you for your email. We understand the situation that you are currently facing. An employee covered by the Employment Act is entitled to 14 days medical leave and up to 60 days including hospitalisation if he has worked with the company for at least 6 months. If an...Read More>

Question Posted On: 01/10/2010

Question: Hi

I am working in a company as an admin executive and my pay is at $1,550. According to my employment contract I have to serve a 3 months notice if I would like to tender my resignation. Just wanna check if this is right? I have send my resignation on the 27th August and up till now the management have yet to accept my resignation. I resign due to family problem and my current babysitter resigned. Please let me know.

Thank you.

Answer: Ref: PC Dear member Thank you for your email. Either party to a contract of service may give to the other party notice of his intention to terminate the contract of service. If it is stated in your appointment letter that the notice period is 3 months for both parties, then I’m afraid...Read More>

Question Posted On: 19/03/2010

Question: Dear Aunt Iris, I have since 09 Feb 2010 tender my resignation as Accountant of a local company. My last day with them is 08 Apr 2010 - giving them 2 month notice as stated in my employment contract. But until today 19 Mar 2010, there is no replacement at sight and I am being kept in the dark whether there is any replacement at all. How do I protect myself from unwanted dispute of not properly hand over my duties come the last day of my employment?

Answer: Ref: PC Dear member Thank you for your email. You have fulfilled your obligation by notifying your employer of your intention to terminate your employment in accordance to the contract. A swift handover will certainly help in ensuring continuity and minimise disruption if employee resigns. However, if you are unable to do so...Read More>

Question Posted On: 29/01/2010

Question: Hi,

I am required to serve 1 month notice to my current company. I have tendered my letter of resignation.

Does it mean that if the company do not allow me to resign, they can pro-long my notice period or hold my last month salary?

For your advice, please.

Answer: Ref: SL Dear member, An employer cannot reject an employee's resignation. The employee has the right to resign at any time by serving the required notice or by compensating the employer salary in-lieu of notice. Due to operation needs, your employer may discuss with you to pro-long your notice period...Read More>

Question Posted On: 16/12/2009

Question: Dear Iris,

I have a question with regard to the notice period upon tendering my resignation.

When I joined the company, the employment contract stated that should I decided to resign or the company should decides to terminate my service, both party should be given 1 month notice.

However over the years of service, I have been promoted and it seem that for managerial level, the period of notice is extended to 2 months instead.

The letter of promotion did not indicate that there is change to my period of notice should I decides to resign from my current company. Am I suppose to serve 1 or 2 months notice in this case?

Thanks in advance.

Answer: Ref: SL Dear member, The notice period for both employer and employee must be the same for resignation or termination of employment. If it is a common practice in your company that employees at the managerial level have to give 2 month's notice in the event of resignation,...Read More>

Question Posted On: 10/06/2009

Question: Dear Iris,

Hope you have been well.
I’m current working as an assistant manager in one of the MNCs located in Singapore. Knowing the fact that I am not covered under the Employment Act, I wonder whether the following will constitute to a breech of contract under common law.

As indicated as part of the employment agreement, it has stated that ‘’ if you should choose to terminate this agreement anytime from now till June 2009, you will be liable to pay a penalty fee equivalent to 2 months basic salary for the agency fees incurred by the company’’.

Unfortunately, I do have an intention to tender my resignation in the month of June, therefore I wonder if that constitute to a ‘’termination of employment contract’’ since there is still an obligation for me to serve one month notice with my employer.

Would the law consider the effective date of termination of employment in July after serving my one month notice or would the law recognize June as the legal termination of the employee contract.

I sincerely seek you advice.

Thank you


Answer: Ref: Aw Hi Thank you for your mail. We are unable to comment as we do not have privy information to the contract. If the contract states the end period to be June 2009, It will be a requirement under the contract. We would advise you to seek clarification with the...Read More>

Question Posted On: 13/04/2009

Question: 1) If a company did not tell you of any fault or cant find any fault you committed, are they allowed to co-erce you to resign? What would be the avenue in such scenarios.

Answer: Ref: OMH Hi Ms Khoo, Thank you for your email. Both the employer and employee to a contract of service may at any time give to the other party notice of his intention to terminate the contract of service. The company cannot force you to resign, but they do reserve the right...Read More>

Question Posted On: 11/03/2009

Question: Hi,

I came across this website and decided to seek for your kind advise on employment. I have joined a company on 23 February 09 and actually found that the environment over there doesn't fit me and the job is not what I expected, hence not to waste any more of my time and their time, I tendered my resignation on 27 Feb 09. Though in my contract, it clearly state I have to give a month notice even during probation period, I felt that it's pointless to still let me stay over in the company and on the other hand, I have another job offer waiting for me. Besides, there is another colleague who came in the same time as me, she also tendered her resignation on the same day as me but however she was allowed to leave last Tuesday before the one month notice. The reason given by the manager was because they found a replacement for my colleague's role but not mine as my role will be a more difficult fit. I have sought my manager's understanding that I have a job offer waiting for me, hence will appreciate that she could release me early. Verbally, she gave me a gauge timing to release me this week, however, when I asked her again regarding this matter, she changed her mind and told me hiring is in progress and I need to serve the one month notice, should she found someone, she will release me early.
Luckily, the other company was kind enough to wait for my one month notice but I just felt that I have only worked there for a week, why made me serve for a month? If I have worked there for 1-2 months, I’m gladly to serve the one month; I just felt its unfair treatment to me. Is there anything I can do? I’m really disturbed over this.

Looking forward to your reply.

Answer: Ref OMH Hi Sharon, Thank you for your email. The length of notice period for the termination of employment depends on what is agreed in your contract of employment. We are afraid you are obliged to follow as per what is stated in your contract. For waiving of notice period, it is...Read More>

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