Online GIRO Application
via Internet Banking for NTUC Membership
DBS/POSB Account Holders

IMPORTANT: For successful application, kindly note the following:

1. For Billing Organisation, select NTUC - Membership.
2. For Bill Reference No, enter your Singapore NRIC/FIN Number with the prefix and suffix in CAPITAL LETTERS (e.g. "S1234567A"). Do not enter lower-cased letters.
3. For Payment Limit, enter 0.

STEP 1: [Login to DBS/POSB Internet Banking]

: [Select Payment Services > Add GIRO Arrangement]

: [Fill In GIRO Details for NTUC Membership]

: [Confirm GIRO Details & Submit for Approval]

[Add GIRO Arrangement Failure: Existing IBG Linkage Error]

STEP 1 of 4: Login to DBS/POSB Internet Banking

Go to   and login with your DBS/POSB iB User ID and Pin. Press the button on your DBS iB Secure Device to retrieve your Second-level authentication (2FA) One-Time Password and enter it in the next screen.

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STEP 2 of 4: Select Payment Services > Add GIRO Arrangement

From the menu, click on Payment Services. From the sub-menu, click on Add GIRO Arrangement.

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STEP 3 of 4: Fill In GIRO Details for NTUC Membership

From To Billing Organisation, select "NTUC - MEMBERSHIP". For Bill Reference No., enter your full NRIC/FIN Number, including suffix and prefix in CAPITAL LETTERS (e.g. S1234567A). For Payment Limit, enter "0". Then submit the form.

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STEP 4 of 4: Confirm GIRO Details & Submit for Approval

Check your GIRO details, making sure that the To Billing Organisation and Bill Reference No. fields are correctly filled. Then click the "Confirm" button. Once your GIRO arrangement is approved, you will be notified by DBS/POSB (typically within 5 working days).

If you do not encounter any errors on the next screen, your GIRO Arrangement with NTUC Membership has been successfully added and you may now close this window.
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Add GIRO Arrangement Failure: Existing IBG Linkage Error

The error message "You have an existing IBG linkage for this bill." may show after the "Confirm" button in STEP 4 is clicked. If you see this message, the new GIRO Arrangement has not been added. Please follow the steps below to resolve this.

Step A of D: Click on Delete GIRO Arrangement from the Payment Services menu. Then select your GIRO Bank Account and click "Submit".

Step B of D: On the next screen, you should see an entry for NTUC-UMS. Select this entry. If you do not see NTUC-UMS, look for NTUC - Membership and select it. Do not alter the Effective Termination Date (default to the next day). Then click "Submit".

(Note: You should not select anything related to NTUC ChildCare, NTUC FairPrice, NTUC Income, etc.)

Step C of D: Verify your submission and click on "Confirm".

Step D of D: Go back to STEP 3 Add GIRO Arrangement and proceed on to STEP 4. You should be able to complete the GIRO Authorisation process for NTUC - Membership now.
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